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Okanogan, WashingtonWhen it comes to insulating the inside of your home, you can cannot go wrong with a professional foam insulation service in lieu of do it yourself. There are a few factors that you will have to be aware of when using foam insulation. If a home owner decides that it is too much of a personal risk to install foam insulation, then there are many facilities in Okanogan, Washington, that will do the deed.

When applying foam insulation, always make sure that you wear goggles and a face mask. The spray foam can irritate the throat and eyes. Always spray the foam in a well-ventilated area. Failure to do so can result in the inhalation of airborne irritants.

Personal risk is not the only danger that you will have to be aware of. The installation of the foam insulation tends to be a meticulous process that can result in damages done to the home if it is not applied correctly. Professional treatments in Okanogan, Washington is advised if the homeowner is not familiar with the application process.

Do not apply the foam onto dirty surfaces. Remove any dirt or else the foam will not properly adhere onto the surface. A clean area will also reduce the chance of an air leak occurring, which will defeat the purpose of the foam insulation. When the technician's foam spray is being applied, it is only necessary to apply thin coats of the product. It is important that the foam is allowed to cure, which will usually be in 30 minutes.

There are many benefits to using foam insulation. The thermal envelope will stop air leaks and infiltration, increasing the efficacy of the home air conditioning system. The cool air stays within the confines of the home. Foam insulation will also help prevent moisture damage. Moisture damage occurs when the warm air from the inside of a home interacts with the cold dry air coming from an open cavity. As the air condenses, dew will start to form. Over time, this can rot wood and other structures.

Traditional fiberglass insulation does not adequately protect against air leaks. Foam insulation placed around pipe openings, ducts, and electrical boxes will completely prevent any air leaks. This allow homeowners to save money on energy costs.

There are also health benefits connected with foam insulation. Foam insulation can help prevent mold contamination that might enter the home from an outside source. This effect is expedited if there is an air filtration system installed in the home. The foam also does not offer any food or nesting value to any bugs or birds.