Fiberglass vs Spray Foam Insulation - Richland, Washington

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Richland, WashingtonWhen it comes to properly insulating your home in Richland, Washington, you have a few different options. The first is the standard fiberglass insulation, which is made up of large, thick pieces of fiberglass, which in place in between the wall and your exterior. The other option of installation is a spray foam. This material comes out of a hose wet, then adheres and dries onto the wall you spray the material on. It is very important you take all information into account before selecting the insulation type in your Richland, Washington home, as the insulation types are completely different form one another.

The first item you need to consider when looking towards either fiberglass or spray foam insulation is the overall cost. Fiberglass insulation is significantly cheaper than spray foam insulation. If you are on a tight budget, you may be forced to go with the fiberglass insulation option, simply due to the price. Spray foam is a newer feature on the market, so it is more expensive. In time, the price for spray foam should drop, as the technology becomes more available, but currently, it is cheaper to opt for the fiberglass option.

Despite being less expensive than spray foam insulation, you are require to use more of it. When applying the fiberglass insulation to a wall or anywhere else in the house, you are required to place thicker layers onto the wall, in order to prevent the loss of heat. This is still factored into the overall price of the material, so fiberglass is still less expensive, but it does require you to use more material, and if you want to go extremely green with your house, the extra fiberglass used in the insulation is not the way to go. The fiberglass layers must be thicker to perform the same level of insulation as spray foam.

Spray form provides a far tighter seal than fiberglass does, especially in smaller, hard to reach areas. Because you are spraying the foam from a hose, it is able to reach tough places, areas that are often extremely hard, if not impossible to reach with the fiberglass insulation. This means you are able to better insulate your home with the spray foam option. You don't need to measure out the spray foam and cut it to size, as you do with fiberglass. You just aim the hose ans spray, and the foam takes care of the rest.

When deciding on what insulation type you want for your Richland, Washington home, you also need to think about how much time you have to perform the insulation. Spray foam is applied far quicker than fiberglass, and it is possible for a single individual to perform the project, which would take several individuals the same amount of time with fiberglass. Plus you are not kneeling down, bending over and standing up constantly, as you would do with fiberglass. You just stand at a constant level and spray the foam evenly, saving your knees from resting on them for too long.