Spray on Foam Insulation in Walla Walla, Washington

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Walla Walla, WashingtonAnyone who lives in or anywhere near Walla Walla, Washington knows just how wet and chilly the weather can be in the winter time, and how hot it can be in the summer. With more than twenty inches of precipitation a year, the temperature frequently dips well below freezing and soars to over ninety degrees. One of the best ways to save on heating costs in the winter and cooling costs in the summer is to insulate your home. One of the best methods of insulating your home is with spray on foam insulation.

Spray on foam insulation is an excellent choice because it will seal your house, it will strengthen your house, it will keep out mold and other allergens, and it will save you money on your utility bills. In addition, spray on foam insulation is a permanent form of insulation. Once it is applied, it will never have to be reapplied. With spray on foam insulation, all cracks and crevices are completely filled. This is something that can never be achieved with insulation materials such as cellulose or fiberglass.

There are two different types of spray on foam insulation, open cell and closed cell. Open cell foam insulation tends to be weaker than closed cell foam insulation, but it is less expensive. Closed cell foam insulation is stronger, and tends to be more impervious to moisture and water vapor. Both are good, and the homeowner should discuss the pros and cons with the supplier before making a final choice.

Traditionally, spray on foam insulation is used in attics. It is sprayed where the other types of insulation had frequently been used, generally between the floor joists. It can also be sprayed between the joists under the roof. By spraying on the ends of the gable walls and in the soffit and around the rim, the entire attic can be sealed. This is the most effective way of insulating a house.

Another major advantage of using spray on foam insulation is that it can insulate the ductwork in a house. This can make a heating or cooling system much more efficient, thereby reducing energy costs.

If a home does not have sufficient insulation, ice dams may form on the roof. This is caused by snow melting on the roof, and then refreezing again. The water from this ice can get underneath the shingles of the roof. Eventually, it will leak into the house and cause a great deal of damage. Installing spray on foam insulation is an excellent measure to take to prevent the formation of these ice dams.

There are many contractors in the Walla Walla area that can provide the homeowner with excellent spray on foam insulation services. Check around, talk to fellow homeowners, and make a decision that can help keep you home cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and save you money all year long.